Participation in athletics is more than just competition between individuals or teams. Athletics are a part of the total educational experience. CCS is a member of the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA).

CCS Athletic Phylosophy

The foundation for any program at Calvary Christian Schools must be God’s Word. Biblical principles need to be reflected throughout all programs, particularly in athletics. Participation in athletics is a privilege that is extended to every student who is eligible under regulations set forth by the Michigan High School Athletic Association and guidelines set forth in the Calvary Christian Schools Athletic Handbook. A CCS athlete is a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ, the community, the school, and the team.

Participation in athletics is more than just competition between individuals or teams. Athletics are a part of the total educational experience. The values of sacrifice, teamwork, courage, loyalty, gratitude, humility, and sportsmanship that honor the Lord are taught to the student-athlete. The highest value of athletic participation is in its similarity to life beyond the contest. In any arena, the goal of giving our best effort with a heart to honor the Lord is the foundation that will lead to physical, intellectual, and spiritual victories.

Fall Sports:

MS/HS Boys Soccer

MS/HS Girls Volleyball

MS/HS Boys & Girls Cross Country

Winter Sports:

5th/6th Grade Boys & Girls Basketball

MS/HS Boys & Girls Basketball

Spring Sports:

MS/HS Girls Soccer

MS/HS Boys & Girls Track

HS Boys & Girls Golf

Girls Volleyball

Our girls volleyball program not only helps develop skills, discipline, loyalty, sacrifice, and teamwork, it teaches girls the kind of sportsmanship and humility that honors the Lord.

Girls & Boys Basketball

At CCS, we strive for excellence in everything – including sports! Our Girls and Boys Basketball teams strive to win, not for worldly glory, but to honor the Lord by doing our best!

Girls & Boys Soccer

Soccer builds stamina and endurance, as well as physical coordination and strength. These are analogs for the Christian life, as we’re taught to be strong and endure in our faith in the Lord, especially when trials come.

Girls & Boys Track and Field

At CCS, we have a full Boys & Girls Track & Field program that includes everything from shotput to cross country. Track & Field tests athletes’ in a unique way that’s different from any other sport. We compete to win in every contest, but win or lose, our goal is to exemplify the Christian spirit.

Girls & Boys Golf

Participation in athletics is a part of the total educational experience at CCS. They help instill many life values that serve our students in their everyday lives – teamwork, discipline, sacrifice, loyalty, humility. Our Girls and Boys Golf program encourages our students to focus their energy, devoting time to practice and perfect their skills under the expert guidance or our coaches. Many of these skills will carry over into their future lives and success in their careers.

Girls & Boys Cross Country

The experience of participating in sports is an integral part of the total education our students receive at CCS. Sports develops many important skills and attitudes that transfer directly to success in all of life’s endeavors. Our Girls and Boys Cross Country teams helps our students to develop discipline, sacrifice, teamwork, loyalty, and many other skills they will continue to use throughout their lives to help them succeed in many of life’s endeavors.


Rick Maine head shot

Rick Maine

Athletic Director

Rachel Harris

Rachel Harris

Athletic Director Secretary