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    Spiritual Formation

    Spiritual formation is foundational for Christian education. At Calvary, we create an environment that seeks to nurture spiritual growth, character development, and a deepening understanding of students’ faith in Jesus Christ within a supportive community.


    chapel photo of students singing

    Weekly chapel time plays a pivotal role in creating a sense of community, provides a dedicated space for worship and biblical teaching, and encourages genuine spiritual growth and connectedness among students. At the high school level a student worship team leads peers weekly in a praise and worship time.

    Spiritual Emphasis Days

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    Once a semester, students engage more deeply with the year’s spiritual theme on a day dedicated to attending special teaching sessions, worshipping together, and serving in the community.

    Annual Theme/Retreat

    anual theme and retreat

    Each year at Calvary, we focus on a specific passage from the Bible, adopting a theme that carries through the year’s chapel services and spiritual emphasis days. Introduced at High School Retreat, this theme focuses on an attribute of God and seeks to cultivate that quality in our students’ daily lives.

    Community Service Hours

    community service

    By providing students opportunities to serve in their community, Calvary seeks to instill a sense of humility and care for their neighbors, while cultivating leadership, teamwork, stewardship, and empathy for diverse life perspectives.