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You can read about all the good work that goes on at Calvary Christian Schools and watch our videos, but it’s another thing to experience it for yourself in person. Give us a call and let us arrange a tour of our campus with an administrative staff member where you can see firsthand the impact that a Christ-centered education is having on the lives of our students.

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    Application & Assesment

    During your tour/visit with an administrative staff member, you will receive an application. Once we receive it, we will reach out and schedule an academic assessment of your child – this is not a test! This is to help us understand where your child sits academically so we can identify strengths to encourage and weaknesses to work on.

    Application & Orientation

    Once your application and assessment are processed, we will reach out one last time to schedule an orientation to help you and your child know what to expect when starting at Calvary. In this orientation, we will provide you with an assortment of resources and your counselor’s business card in case you have any questions.

    Educational Success

    Success is part of our enrollment process, our academic process, and everything else. 
Because at Calvary, success is a mandatory requirement for all!

    We have the tools, techniques, and trained staff that allow us to do more than train your child for standardized tests. We individualize, empower, and support your child on their journey to adulthood, and we will not let you down!

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