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    About Calvary Christian Schools

    Partnering with parents to equip students toward personal excellence
    & the pursuit of God’s purpose for their lives.

    From our inception, Calvary Christian Schools has been partnering with parents to equip students for personal excellence and the pursuit of God’s purpose for their lives. Since 1980, families in West Michigan have chosen to be part of our unique, PreK-12th grade educational community that strives to build a sturdy biblical foundation for its students. Our school understands the necessity of a strong partnership with family and church. We embrace the truth that, “… a strand of three cords is not easily broken.” (Ecclesiastes 4:12).

    We feel deeply the imperative to link arms with families and churches as we work toward the common goal of equipping a new generation not to shrink back from difficult topics, but to face those issues armed with the never-wavering truth of God’s word, and a steadfast confidence in the character of the one true God. Circumstances change, cultures shift, rulers rise and fall, but God Himself remains on the throne, and thus, we need not fear for the future for our children.

    A perspective rooted in the Bible is essential to a well-formed young person, and we believe that a Christian worldview equips our CCS students to better understand the significance of life, their Creator-endowed identity, accountability in actions and consequences, and the individual’s deep need for a Savior. We understand the responsibility of sharing God’s truth with mercy and compassion. At CCS, we work to instill in our students a spirit of joyful humility, gracious collaboration, servant leadership, eager and curious learning, personal accountability, and spiritual confidence.

    Rather than shrinking from the constantly changing ways of society, we believe that preparing students with the truth of the Bible is the key to creating fully equipped and spiritually ready individuals. What a privilege it is to take an active role in His great purpose in the lives of West Michigan students for their good and His glory.

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    Why Calvary

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    PreK—12th Grade Under One Roof
    Biblical, Christ-Centered Curriculum
    Christian Teachers and Staff
    Positive Peer Culture
    Weekly Chapel
    Daily Bible Classes
    Quality Academics
    Spiritual Formation and Character Development
    Partnering with Families
    Encouraging Involvement in the Local Church
    Diverse Student Body
    Active Community of Like-Minded Parents
    Spacious and Secure Campus
    Excellent Fine Arts
    Competitive Athletics
    Fostering Community Service and Outreach

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    Our Mission Statement

    The mission of CCS is “Christ-centered” because John 14:6 says, Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” The teachings of Jesus Christ permeate our K-12 program. We strive toward the God-honoring ideals rooted in Scripture and demonstrated through time, but in the same way that the gospel cannot be forced upon an individual or the public, Christian education is a freely chosen parental option. The partnership between CCS and the home is much more productive when the parental decision to enroll in CCS is based on shared appreciation of the CCS mission rather than a rejection of other educational options. In other words, parent should choose CCS for what it is…not for what it is not.

    It’s All About Relationship

    The relationship with God and understanding of His truth is the foundation upon which we build our lives. This foundation will then impact our daily walk—our relationships with others, as well as our belief and behavior.

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    With God
    With the help of God and those around me at Calvary, as a follower of Jesus, I will strive to…

    Have a personal, growing relationship with Christ.

    Understand God’s plan, and place my faith in Christ alone for salvation.

    Mature through continual progress and spiritual growth motivated by personal devotion, not external forces.

    Develop a deeper Christian walk through personal Bible study, worship, and prayer.

    Understand spiritual gifts and seek to utilize those areas with which I am gifted.

    Commit to the Bible as the literal, authoritative, inspired word of God—the truth upon which daily life is based (biblical worldview).

    Understand the basic canon of biblical themes and stories.

    Follow God’s truth as revealed in His word and illuminated by the Holy Spirit.

    Value the influence of godly counsel and teaching in my life.

    With others
    Recognize and embrace my position as a representative of Christ in a broken world.
    embody Christ’s love in my interactions with others and illustrate His heart of servant leadership.

    Value myself and others because we are valued by Christ.

    Live a life of godliness that reflects well upon Christ.

    Have a mindset of stewardship regarding resources, relationships, and opportunities which God has entrusted to me.

    Have a missional outlook seeking opportunities to influence and serve our world for Christ.

    Be prepared to pursue God’s purpose for my life.

    Build the necessary academic foundation to successfully move forward to life’s next steps as God leads.

    Gain the needed skills in communication, lifelong learning, technology, and abstract cognitive abilities to expand my educational and professional skills when needed.

    Develop the needed critical thinking skills and biblical foundation to be growing in wisdom and able to defend my faith in a rapidly changing culture.

    Seek out godly mentors to help guide me in all of the above.

    Our History

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    Founded in 1980, the school was originally opened by Calvary Baptist Church of Muskegon. The school name was changed from Calvary Baptist Academy to Calvary Christian Schools (CCS) in 1999 when the current school facility was built on Kendra Road in Fruitport, Michigan. In 2012, CCS incorporated as a Michigan educational non-profit organization and continues to operate at the Kendra campus, no longer overseen by one local church. Calvary Christian Schools serves families from over thirty different local evangelical churches primarily in the southern Muskegon/norther Ottawa County area.

    The “s” at the end of the school’s official name signifies that the four stages of pre-college education—preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school—are all provided on one campus, keeping students of all grade levels “under one roof” at school while they are typically living “under one roof” at home. Having all grade levels on one site is more than a one-stop convenience for our parents; it is a part of our school-family philosophy, reflected in many aspects of our program. The school administrator oversees the daily operations of the school. Hired by and accountable to the CCS Board, which meets monthly to review business, policy, and operational matters with the administrator.

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    Choose Calvary Because

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